Quotes from Twitter

You can capture ideas in Twitter using “Share extensions” function provided by iOS. 

Capture copied texts with automatically set URL of a tweet as its source

In iOS Twitter app, you have to copy texts first before using Share extension.

Step 1: Select and copy text you are capturing

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Step 2: Tap “Share” icon

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Step 3: Tap “Share Tweet via…"

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Step 4: Tap ikes

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Step 5: Tap “to Text” button

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By tapping “to Text” button, copied text at step 1 is automatically set in the text field.

Also URL of the tweet is automatically set to source.

Step 6: Tap the check button

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Before tapping “Check button”, adding tags is highly recommended for efficient idea management.

Please note that captured ideas in 3rd party apps will be added to ikes database and uploaded to iCloud only if you open the ikes app again.