Quotes from 3rd party apps

You can capture ideas in 3rd party apps using “Share extensions” function provided by iOS. 

Quick guide

As an example, here are steps for capturing texts in Safari setting URL as source of it.

Step 1: Select and copy text you are capturing

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Step 2: Tap “Share” icon

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Step 3: Tap ikes

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Step 4: Tap “to Text"

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By tapping “to Text” button, copied text at step 1 is automatically set in the text field.

You can edit the text by tapping the text field.

Step 5: Tap the save button

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Before tapping “Check button”, adding tags is highly recommended for efficient idea management.

For setting text or URL as source efficiently, refer to the use cases.

Please note that captured ideas in 3rd party apps will be added to ikes database and uploaded to iCloud only if you open the ikes app again.

Two cases for starting capturing with “Share extensions” of iOS

Case 1: Tap “Share” button with selected text

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Select text you are capturing, and tap “Share” button shown with the selected text.

In this case, selected text is automatically sent to ikes’ action extension which you will see later.

Case 2: Tap “Share icon” in apps

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Tap a “Share icon” which is shown in an app you are using.

In this case, only information which is set by the app for sharing is automatically sent to ikes’ action extension which you will see later.

Note that selected text CANNOT be captured by tapping the share icon. Copy text you want to capture in advance.

Activity view where share extensions are listed

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After tapping Share button/icon, Activity view is shown. This is a sheet which share extensions are listed.

At the top row of the sheet, you can find ikes’ icon. By tapping the icon, you can start capturing ideas.

Change the order of icons for quick access to ikes in Activity view

Step 0: Check where ikes is

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For quick access to ikes, you can change the order of icons shown in Activity view.

Step 1: Tap “More"

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Step 2: Tap “Edit"

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Step 3: Tap “+"

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Step 4: Drag “ikes” up to the top

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Step 5: Tap “Done"

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