Sync troubleshooting

ikes automatically syncs your ideas and metadata to all devices via iCloud functionality provided by Apple. If you notice missing notes or updates, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.

Confirm Cloud Sync availability

Check the “Sync” section in the Manual tab and confirm that a blue cloud icon is shown. If a red cloud icon is shown, sync via iCloud cannot be used in ikes.

To enable the iCloud sync, check requirements and all settings shown bellow.


All requirements shown bellow have to be met for iCloud sync.

- Active Apple ID

- Loggin in to iCloud with your Apple ID

- Enable iCloud Drive

- Use same Apple ID for all devices

All settings you have to check

Step 1

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Tap “Settings” icon

Step 2

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Make sure you are logged into your Apple account.

Confirm wether or not you have logged in to your iPhone with your Apple ID. If the message “Sign in to your iPhone” is shown, tap it to proceed.

Step 3

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Input your Apple ID and password, and then tap “Next” to complete log-in process.

Step 4

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Input your Apple ID and password, and then tap “Next” to complete log-in process.

Step 5

05%20 %20iCloud%20Drive%20button

Confirm both the “iCloud Drive” toggle button and the “ikes” toggle button are ON (Green color). 

Large amount of ideas

If you have hundreds or thousands of ideas, when a new device starts the first synchronization, it’s possible that ikes will need some time to finish it. Please leave ikes open (NOT in the background) while it is finishing syncing. You can check the synchronization status as described in the previous section.

Once it is finished, ikes will sync faster and more often on a idea-by-idea basis.

The time needed for this initial sync to finish will vary depending on your internet connection.