Your ideas & thoughts
won’t be buried any more.

It's not an ordinary note app, but your idea storage.

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Free to use. Better with PREMIUM.
No registration. No subscription.
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Tired of unarranged piles of notes and images?

Scattered papers describing unorganized piles of notes.

You need a new way to organize ideas.

When we come across nice ideas, or, when we find useful ideas in SNS, blog, books or web media, we write them down in a note app.

In fact, however, most of them tend to be buried in an unarranged pile of notes and forgotten forever.

Ikes gives you the best solution for the problem.

Got an idea? Met a good quote? Just throw them all into Ikes.

You can definitely find them later on.

Conceptual image of Ikes
Screenshots of Ikes showing the home screen and explore screen.

Ikes is a note app designed for capturing & exploring ideas. 

Save in Ikes anything that comes to your mind, any good phrases you come across while reading or surfing the web, or any information that you might be able to apply to your work.

When you save your ideas, set metadata (tags, of course, but also sources such as book titles, URLs, and Sparkles) to make it easier to find them later.

Download Ikes

Your ideas & thoughts won’t be buried anymore.

Screenshots of Ikes showing tag cloud and source browser.

Explore your idea storage

With Ikes, recalling ideas and thoughts have never been more convenient.

A variety of search / filter options, Tag browser, and Source browser allow you to find useful ideas which you saved later on.

Additionally, a random idea list and tag clouds encourage you to remind forgotten ideas.

Ready when you need it

Screenshots of Ikes showing text and image add view.

Clean & sophisticated UI for instant saving

Carefully designed UI enables instant capture of text and images.

When you come up with a good idea, save it in Ikes before you forget.

Images can be saved from Photo app or Camera app, and text can be input using an editor or scanner.

Capture ideas in Kindle, Safari, or any other 3rd party apps.

Screenshots of Ikes showing share view of text and image.

Share function for 3rd party apps

Data can be sent to Ikes from any apps that can share text or an image.

For example, you can save your Kindle highlights, a meme image you found in a Twitter app, and many other things to Ikes.

For iOS, you can also save screenshots directly to Ikes. This will prevent your Photo app from becoming cluttered with screenshots.

More use cases
Device images showing Ikes.

Your ideas are synced securely via Apple's iCloud.

All ideas are synced to Apple devices signed in with the same Apple ID via Apple’s iCloud system.

No user registration is required to use Ikes. Any data you have stays in your area of iCloud and is not sent to us.

Many users endorse Ikes.

Very, very good effort. If you want to store ideas in an elegant and simple fashion this is an excellent choice!"


App Store Review

“ I like how easy it is to add ideas directly in the app or from other sources."


App Store Review

“ Ikes is deceptively simple and quietly very powerful. "


App Store Review

“ It is my very first time writing review in app. But this app is useful and so amazing note taking to improve your productivity. "


App Store Review

Ikes features at a glance

Free to use. Better with PREMIUM.


Quick add Buttons

Capture both text and images

Image text recognition

Save text & images in 3rd party apps

Add meta data including multiple tags, source, sparkle (favorite)

Browse / explore

Search text

Tag & Source browsers

Tag cloud

Mark favorite tags and sources

Random ideas list


Quick access buttons

Sync / share

iCloud sync

Batch export as txt, csv, tsv, and jpg files

Share with 3rd party apps like SNS apps, mail apps, photo apps, and so on.

Generate quote pictures for sharing on SNS


Multiple icon color schemes

UI color schemes

Dark mode

An image of ikesu in Edo era, Japan.

“ikesu” of ideas

In Japan, since over 200 years ago, in order to prepare dishes with fresh fish such as sushi, professional Japanese cooks have been using a tool called an “ikesu (生簀)" to keep fishes alive until just before processing them.

Even for the intellectual workers today, it is important to have your “ikesu” to keep them fresh and take them out at the right time.