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Tired of unarranged pile of memos and images?

With Ikes, your ideas & thoughts won’t be buried anymore.


“ Phenomenal, intuitive and such a creative ‘playground’ "

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“ I like how easy it is to add ideas directly in the app or from other sources. The app design is great. "

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Capture & Manage ideas in one place

When we come across nice ideas, we write them down in a memo app.

When we find useful ideas in SNS, blog, books or web media, we “like” them in apps or sometimes we copy&paste them to a note app.

In fact, however, most of them tend to be buried in an unarranged pile of memo and forgotten forever.

ikes solves such problems by giving you clean, sophisticated UI for capturing and exploring ideas effectively and efficiently.

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Your ideas & thoughts
won’t be buried anymore

Recalling ideas and thoughts have never been more convenient.

A variety of search options allow you to find useful ideas which you wrote or captured in 3rd party apps.

Additionally, a random idea list and tag clouds encourage you to remind forgotten ideas. 

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Capture ideas quickly, anytime

Clean UI allows you to write or capture text and images very quickly even using share function in 3rd party’s apps.

You can add meta information like tags, a source and your feeling (Sparkle!) together. They help you to explore and use/share ideas effectively later on.

Ikes features at a glance

All functions are for free now!


Quick Add Buttons

Capture both text and images

Quotes from 3rd party apps including tweets, e-books, web browsers and so on

Add meta information including multiple tags, source, sparkle(bookmark)

Review / Explore

Search texts

Tag & Source explores

Tag cloud

Bookmark favorite tags and sources

Random ideas list


Quick access buttons

iCloud sync

Share with 3rd party apps


Dark mode


“ikesu” of ideas

In Japan, since over 200 years ago, in order to prepare dishes with fresh fish such as sushi, professional Japanese cooks have been using a tool called an “ikesu (生簀)" to keep fishes alive until just before processing them. 

Even for the intellectual workers today, it is important to have your “ikesu” to keep them fresh and take them out at the right time.

New features coming soon

We are developping excellent functions for more efficient idea management

Export ideas

Multiple export options including TXT, CSV, etc.

Generate quote pictures for sharing on SNS

New sparkle color

Multiple color options for expressing your feelings for ideas

Quick capturing

Add your ideas with Apple Watch,
Today Extension on iOS&iPadOS


You're gonna love it!